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ESD Non-dust Cloth Shoe Cover HOYATO-A-2022 name:Shenzhen Hoyato Protective Supplies Co.,Ltd  

ESD Non-dust Cloth Shoe Cover
1. ESD non-dust cloth shoe cover is made from 0.5 straited, 100D*100D conductive silk.
2. The upper of the shoe and the shoe sole tailored by top grade sewing thread and binded by four-strand binding machine. The shoe cover is comfortable, full-fashioned, easy to wash, wear resistance, no off-clip, which is favored by our customers.
3.The density of this clean silk is larger than that of the traditional silk fabric; it is lint free, non pilling and fiber shedding, not raising dust, good air tightness, germicidal and antibacterial, it can meet the international standards.

1. Surface resistance:107—109Ω;
2. Quantity of charge: less than <0.6μc
3. Fabric breaking force: more than vertical vertically and more than 390N horizontally
4.Expiration date: Anti-static clothing shelf life is calculated based on thewashing, washing times, 100 times at most (relative to the machine wash)
Widely used in Semiconductor, chip, microprocessor and other production workshop,circuit board production workshop,precision instrument production workshop,optical production workshop,PCB production workshop,plastic factory production workshop,food factory production workshop,laboratory of medical laboratory and scientific research personnel. It can plays a significant effect on the individual with high static index. 


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