Antistatic wristband/grounding components

Anti-static wrist band is divided into a corded wrist band, cordless wrist band and intelligent anti-static wrist band, it is also divided into single loop wrist belt and double wrist band according to the structure , it is used to discharge the static electricity of human body. It is composed of elastic, buckle, spring soft wire, resistance and protection of the plug or clip. It is mainly used in semiconductor, chip, microprocessor, road plate production line, precision instrument production line, Optical product line, PCB production line, dust-free workshop, the purification workshop. The anti-static has an obvious effect on the individuals who is of high static index.

Anti-Static Metal Two-Circuit Wrist Band

Anti-static Amphibious Wrist Band

Yellow Green Line Grounding-Type Receptacle

Metal Cordless Wrist Strap

Antistatic metal wristband with rope

ESD Heel Strap

Sapphire Blue White Gauze Two-Circuit Wrist Band

10 Feet Ground Wire

PU Anti-static Rope Black Gauze Wrist Strap

Anti Static PU Rope Blue White Gauze Wrist Band

Antistatic Cordless wristband

ESD Tweezer

Hoyato sells mainly 2 types of antistatic tweezer: antistatic plastic tweezer and stainless tweezer. Antistatic plastic tweezer is made of special conductive plastic material,this kind of tweezer has below features: good elesticity, portability and electrostatic discharge, which is applicable to the production and installment of electrostatic sensitive devices ,manufacturing of precision electronic components and fields of semi-conduct,GBMA and so on. stainless tweezer has one outstanding tribological property: high wear resistance rate, especially can keep high wear resistance rate and low friction coefficient under the 250℃, which is very good for us to take wafer and chip of silicon without scratches and leaving resudue, thus improve the cleanness of chip surface and wafer surface.

Ultra Fine SA Series High Precision Tweezer

ST Series High Precision Stainless Steel Tweezer

Antistatic Tweezer

Antistatic Plastic Tweezer

antistatic brush

Antistatic brush is made up of plastic handle and antistatic plastic wire or animal wool made bristle with stable antistatic performance,convenient to use and other features.Common types as follows:Toothbrush shape(horizontal handle),Paint brush (straight shank),U type curved handle and so on, which is applicable to clean the dirty surface of SMD and PCB board,releasing the generated static to the ground.

Antistatic Brush

ESD Table Mat

ESD Table Mat is also known as ESD table mat, antistatic plastic plate, antistatic rubber and so on. Mainly use conducting electrostatic materials, static dissipative material and synthetic rubber, etc, through a variety of process. Surface is about 0.3 to 0.5 mm thick layer of electrostatic dissipation, 1.5 to 1.7 mm thick at the bottom of the conductive layer.The table mat can be used for a long time, has the very good acid proof, alkali proof, prevent chemical flux characteristics, and wear resistant, easy to clean. Nomal length 10M with 5 different width: 0.6m、0.8m、0.9m、1.0m and1.2m, various colours for you to choose: green, grey,blue,black and so on.The light can be divided into the flat gloss or light gloss,special circumstances can processing according to customer's request.

Antistatic Table Mat

ESD Ground Mat

ESD Ground Mat

Anti Fatigue Floor Mat

Dissipative ESD Protective Bottle

Anti-static alcohol bottle is also called ESD alcohol dispenser bottle. It is the ideal container for alcohol, acetone, methanol, thinner, and other reagents when you use the cotton swab, duster cloth, cotton ball to suck up the reagent. Plastic and glass are the main material of the ESD alcohol dispenser bottle, the bottle is of hinge design to ensure the reagent not be polluted when not in use. The stainless steel head design is to assure the use of strong diagnostic reagents. Precision machining of the valve can prevent evaporation and leakage of the reagents. The bundle of hydraulic parts by viscous strip seal is to guarantee the purity of reagents.

Dissipative ESD Protective Bottle

ESD Packaging Bag

Anti-static packaging bags are mostly made of static dissipative material, and also some of them are made of antistatic material, such as anti-static shielding bag, anti-static bags, anti-static PE mesh bag, anti-static moisture-proof bag etc. The objective is to play a role of electrostatic protection for the circuit, device or printed circuit.

Antistatic bags

ESD Turnover Box

ESD turnover box is also called anti-static plastic box or conductive turnover box. The box have been widespread used in the industries such as machinery, automobiles, home appliances, light industry, electron and so on. ESD turnover box is acid-resisting and alkali-resisting, non-toxic and odorless, clean and convenient, it can be used for electronics components, the turnover of spare parts can be very convenient and fast, neatly stacked, facilitate management. The reasonable design and high quality of our ESD turnover box is suitable for the process of transportation, distribution, storage, distribution processing in the factory logistics. ESD turnover box can work in conjunction with a variety of logistics containers and working position apparatus and can be used in all kinds of warehouse, production site and other occasions. ESD turnover box is divided into two broad categories: plastic turnover box, hollow board turnover box.

Antistatic Blister Box

Anti Static Stripe PCB Turnover Rack

Anti Static Strip PCB Board Storage Rack

Anti Static Strip PCB Board Storage Rack

Conductive Plastic Turnover Box with a Cover

Conductive Turnover Box

Conductive Turnover Box

Conductive Hollow Board Turnover Box

Antistatic Trolley

Antistatic Trolley, also known as PCB board turnover vehicles, transport vehicles, storage vehicles, wire mesh vehicles, etc..It is being Widely used in SMT processing, machinery, automobiles, home appliances, light industry, electronics, and other production enterprises. It is acid resistant and alkali resistant, oil resistant, non-toxic and tasteless. It can be used for PCB board storage, easy to clean, convenient PCB board turnover, neatly stacked, easy to manage. The reasonable design, excellent quality, suitable for SMT factory in logistics transportation, distribution, storage, distribution and processing sectors. Antistatic Trolley can be used for a variety of occasions in all kinds of warehouse, production site. More and more enterprises start to pay more attention to logistic recently, ESD trolley has become the essencial item for enterprises to help complete the storage of goods in the production of universal, integrated management enterprise production and management modernization. We offer various styles of ESD trolley for you to choose, and OEM is available.

Chrome Storage Shelves

Anti Static PCB Turnover Vehicle

Anti Static PCB Hanging Basket Cart

Wire Mesh Trolley

Tray Trolley

Anti Static Stainless Steel Trolley

Antistatic Stainless Steel Trolley

Turnover box with Lean Pipe

SMT ESD Magzine Rack

SMT ESD magzine rack is widely applied to SMT automatic loader,acid proof,alkali-resisting,heat resistance,tasteless, posionousless, can be used to contain PCB board, which is vey clean and convienent, very easy to be managed because of convenient turnover and neatly stacked. It`s reasonable design and excellent quality is applicable to the transportation, distribution, storage, circulation, processing and other link in the factory. SMT ESD magzine rack can be cooperated with varieties of logistics containners and working position apparatus, used in all kinds of warehouse, production site and other occasions. As SMT ESD magzine rack gets more and more attention from people today, it helps PCB board to complete circulation, stortage and integrated management, is an absolutely necessary product for processing and foreign processing enterprises who proceeds modernized management.

SMT ESD magzine rack

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