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Formaldehyde Gas Tester
1. Large range of detection range.
2. Fast response.
3. Do not need to install the detection of tablets can be real-time detection.
4. Large amount of data storage
5. USB interface high-speed data transmission.
6. No need to preheat time.
7. Automatic backlight display.
8. User self calibration.

Carbon Monoxide Detector HAL-HCO106
Detection of Gas: CO in the CO
Detection Range: 0-500ppm
Response Time: < 30 seconds
Resolution: 1ppm
Detection Methods: electrochemical
Service Life: more than 2 years in 20 degrees C environment
Concentration Units: ppm and%
Sampling Method: Pump suction
Memory Function: Can store 500 sets of data
Data Download Interface: USB
Ambient Conditions: Temperature: 5 ~ 40 degrees Celsius, humidity: < 90%RH
Power Source: Lithium ion polymer battery, capacity: 900mAh (about 3 hours for continuous use)
Outer Dimensions: 80 (W) * 36 (D) * 150 (H) mm
Weight: About 200g
HAL-HFX105 handheld formaldehyde tester is a new type of instrument for determination of formaldehyde direct quantitative, it is being widely used in the measurement of industries like metallurgy, chemical, petroleum, coal, power plant, chemical industry, mine, tunnel, tunnels, underground pipelines, quantitative determination of carbon monoxide production workshop and living places, it can effectively prevent the occurrence of poisoning accidents instrument. 
The instrument consists of advanced electrochemical sensor, sampling pump and microprocessor, it can real-time measure and can be directly on the LCD screen with backlight display on the tested samples of formaldehyde percentage or ppm concentration. With external high precision digital temperature and humidity sensor display and compensation to improve the measurement accuracy. The data can be downloaded from USB and continuous time environmental monitoring and analysis. 


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