Dustfree paper

Dustfree paper

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ESD wax and ESD Detergent

ESD wax and ESD Detergent coated on the surface of the object, form thin transparent film, providing a durable and efficient function of the electrostatic dissipation, effectively eliminate the friction generated by the accumulation of static electricity, prevent static and dust adhesion phenomenon, and maintain the beautiful transparent appearance. Anti static fluid is effective even when the humidity is lower than 20%. According to the usage condition, anti-static performance can last for a month to a few months. Non-toxic, non flammable, non pollution, safe use.

P2208 ESD Curing Agent

P3008 ESD Detergent

P1208 ESD Floor Dedusting Agent

P4008 ESD Cleanser

P3208 ESD Detergent

P1008 ESD Floor Wax

P3908 ESD Floor Wax

Cleanroom Wiper

Dust-free cloth has following features: lower dust performance, not easy pilling, crumbs, soft and pure, tough and durable, has better absorbing performance and excellent solvent resistance performance

M-3 Purified Tissue

1000 Series Dustfree Cloth

Purifying Window and Door Curtain

Purifying window and door curtain can prevent ultraviolet rays and dust from coming inside effectively,and can reduce the noise decibels,to prevent spread of noise,reducing noise pollution. Lie between screen can also be used for machine, to achieve more functional compartment (workshop, factory, workshop, etc.), do not take up space, make the most effective on plant within the limited space configuration is applied, at the same time can also do the curtain.

Purified Curtain/Door Curtain

Cleanroom Tacky Mat

Every single layer of cleanroom tacky mat has been coated with high viscous or low viscous glue, which is helpful for removing the dust on transport machine,vehicle wheel and shoe sole efficiently,keeping the environment clean and reducing the dust influence on the Purification of environmental quality, to simple the dust removal effect and solve dust spreading problem caused by incomplete dust clean of other mats.

Sticky Mat

Cleanroom Cotton Swab

Cleanroom cotton swab is also known as dust-free cotton swab and dustless cotton wiping rod,kind of spotless swab which is produced in cleanroom and translated from English name--cleanroom swabs. Cleanroom cotton swab must be produced in the cleanroom under every strict production requirement by professional factory

Purified Cotton Swab

ESD Finger Cot

Finger cot is a kind of protective equipment which is being widely used in industry,medical treatment and daily life. Latex finger cot and Nitrile rubber finger cot are frequently being used in the filed of static free and electron purification.ESD Finger cot is mainly used to avoid operator from allergy, to prevent sweat on the fingertip from contaminating component.Ultra thin design of the fingertip is very good for flexible operation and releasing the electronic charge of human body, which is applicable to semi-conduct industry and Photoelectric industry ; Purifying finger cot is dustless, powderless and higly purified, is indicated for microelectronics,LCD,wristwatch production and other fields.

Dustfree Finger Cot

ESD Pink Finger Cot

KOREA Dustfree White Cot

Creamy White Latex Gloves

ESD Anti-skid Orange Dotted Cot

Dull Polish Cut Cot

Maize-yellow Latex Gloves

Cotton Fabric Finger Cot

sticky roller

Sticky roller is designed to be in the shape of drum,base material is Polyethylene. Sticky film is equipped with pre cut line,which is very convenient to peel off the roller edge; Colloid is Polyacrylate adhesive,ensures no degumming,easy to use with handle; Using PE tube core,clean without pollution,keeps the roller in shape.The design of the product is advanced and reasonable, very good to clean the dust.

Sticky PE Roller Handle

Manual Silica Gel Plastic Frame Cleaning Roller

Manual Silica Gel Aluminium Frame Cleaning Roller

Manual Silica Gel Aluminium Frame Cleaning Roller

Machine Use Sticky Roller

Manual Sticky Roller

Manual Silica Gel Aluminium Alloy Frame Cleaning Roller

Dust free printing paper

Dust free cleanroom print paper is designed for writing, printing, and photocopying by polymerization process, fibers and particles are tightly bound in a clean paper and can reduce the static electricity.It has the characteristics of low occurrence, note taking, dimensional stability and so on.

KM Airlaid Printing Paper

Dust-free Mop

Dust-free mop is very convinent to use with humanized design,made of aluminum alloy handle and antistatic mophead, is especially desigined for the daily cleaning of dust-free room.Dust mop has below features: good water obsorbtion performance and removing dust efficiently; convenient and humanized design; mop set can be cleaned and changed,which is very economic; Dust-free mop is a kind of special sanitary tool that has been widely used in Electronic dust-free workshop,Pharmaceutical factory and GMP workshop,has Unique anti-static function.

Dust Mop

ESD Dust Mop

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