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ESD PU Outsole Short Barrel Shoe Cover HOYATO-A-2003B name:Shenzhen Hoyato Protective Supplies Co.,Ltd  

ESD PU Outsole Short Barrel Shoe Cover
1.The outsole is made of PU, light weight and wear resistance, comfortable and decent.
2..Light weight, moderate thickness of the outsole, economical and practical.
3. The body of the boots is made of ESD cloth,binding off by rubber band, degree of tightness can be adjusted.
4. The human body eliminate electrostatic by wearing anti-static shoes and anti-static floor (anti-static mats, carpets, etc.), the static electricity lead to the earth via these ESD products so as to achive the purpose of protecting human body.
5. The restiance of the shoe surface changes very little under the circumstance of abrasion and pollution, it is durable, anti-skid, of very good anti-static performance. 

Material: shoe sole is made of high quality PU(deodorizing)
Shoe vamp and  Sharfofouarter are made of ESD cloth.
Color: White, blue yellow, pink striated, can be customerize/
Surface Resistance:105Ω-108Ω
Widely used in Semiconductor, chip, microprocessor and other production workshop,circuit board production workshop,precision instrument production workshop,optical production workshop,PCB production workshop,plastic factory production workshop,food factory production workshop,laboratory of medical laboratory and scientific research personnel. It can plays a significant effect on the individual with high static index. 


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