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ESD Windowing Peaked Cap
ESD Windowing peaked cap has the advantage of good performance of lasting  anti-static and dustfroof, which can release human body static electricity effectively. The cap itself do not raising dust,sticking dust and can  inhibits bacterial well. The cap is laundering durability, counter bending, wear resistance. The windowing design made the permeability of the cap much better.Men's and women's style is the common stytle.

Color: White, pink, yellow, blue and many other colors for you to choose.
Size: free size
ESD windowing peaked cap is suitable for clean room, laboratory, semiconductor production line, chips, microprocessors, LCD display class products, circuit board production line, precision instrument, optical products, factories, integrated circuit board, LCD panel manufacturing, precision instrument manufacturing. Suitable for the dust free environment where requires 1000 - 1 00000 class.Suitable for the clean environment where particulate control is stringent. suitable for wiping precision equipment, disc mirror and other items, medical, food and other industries.


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