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ESD Striated Peaked Cap HOYATO-A-5008 name:Shenzhen Hoyato Protective Supplies Co.,Ltd  

ESD Striated Peaked Cap
1.It is made from PFY and high performance perpetual conductive fiber via special weaving process.
2.ESD Striated Peaked Cap which made via special process is of good property of anti-static and dustproof can release human static electricity effectively.
3.The density of this clean silk is larger than that of the traditional silk fabric; it is lint free, non pilling and fiber shedding, not raising dust, good air tightness, germicidal and antibacterial. 
4.It has double performance: permanent anti electrostatic and good dustproof effect, which meets to international standards and can be used in class 10000 ~ 3 00000 grade clean room.

Fabric: ESD Conductive silk fabric
Color: Blue, white
Size:free size
Clean room, laboratory, semiconductor production line, chips, microprocessors, LCD display class products, circuit board production line, precision instrument, optical products, factories, integrated circuit board, LCD panel manufacturing, precision instrument manufacturing. Suitable for the dust free environment where requires 1000 - 1 00000 class.Suitable for the clean environment where particulate control is stringent. suitable for wiping precision equipment, disc mirror and other items, medical, food and other industries.


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