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ESD Hooded Coverall
1. It is unisex, the fabric using knitted polyester filament fiber and import conductive silk.
2. It can remove the human body static electricity effectively, with permanent anti-static properties.
3. Using advanced technology and special structure, the clothing itself does not raise and attract dust it is of very good anti-static dust performance.
4. Comfortable and laundering durability.
In accordance with international standard code number: S/ M /L/ XL /XXL/XXXL
Style: Tailored collar;square shoulder sleeve
Colors can be customized.
Widely used in production workshop of precision electronic products, optical production workshop; Pharmaceutical manufacturing assembly line, printing, packaging, small product molding, plastic film cutting, as well as mold release products. Semiconductor, chip, microprocessor and other production workshop, circuit board production workshop, precision instrument production workshop, optical production workshop, PCB production workshop, plastic factory production workshop, food factory production workshop, laboratory of medical laboratory and scientific research personnel. It can play a significant effect on the individual with high static index.


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