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Sticky PE Roller Handle HOYATO-B-3010B name:Shenzhen Hoyato Protective Supplies Co.,Ltd  

Sticky PE Roller Handle
The design of the shape of a drum, base material is polyethylene PE film, sticky film with pre cut line, drum edge delamination is easy to peel; colloidal polyacrylate adhesive to ensure no unglued, with handle and use are convenient, the PE pipe ring core, clean, no pollution, keep the cylinder deformation; the product design is advanced and reasonable, which can well remove dust and also avoid the traditional appliances such as cloth, washing, brooms and other products and purification workshop cause secondary pollution, please assign not degumming drum when procurement.
Size: 4 inch *18M, 6 inch *18M, 8 inch *18M, 10 inch *18M, 12 inch *18M (other specifications can be customized)
Color: white, blue (other colors can be customized)
Packing: 4 inches (200rolls / box), 6 inches, 8 inches (100/50 rolls/ box), 10 inches, 12 inches (50rolles / box)
Film thickness: 0.05MM
Viscosity: 400 g /700 g (according to customer requirements)
Mainly used in electronics, semiconductor, LCD, PCB etc.. Also can be used for Home Furnishing products, it can effectively removing dust, sticky particles, hair and other debris. This product is made  from PE or PP film rewinding, manual sticky dust drum each circle has a sawtooth, in order to replace conveniently and process in the surface of the roller stick full of debris on the jagged at tear this circle, and can use clean film under a circle.


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