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Manual Silica Gel Aluminium Frame Cleaning Roller HOYATO-B-3033B name:Shenzhen Hoyato Protective Supplies Co.,Ltd  

Manual Silica Gel Aluminium Frame Cleaning Roller
Sticky dust drum is the eliminator product which is of self-sticky performance and can eliminate tiny particles, impurities and fiber, copper scrap, dust, etc. generated in the production process of electronic products. Cooperate with Sticky paper, it can ensure the long-term effective self adhesive.Product features:Selection of high, medium and low viscosity, formula to ensure the product viscosity and durable, not easy to aging, cannot afford to dust off, anti-static, dampproof ,abrasion resistant, non-toxic pollution-free rust; comfortable to use, roller rotating freely.
Product specification: 4 inch/6 inch/8 inch/10 inch/12 inch etc.
1. Please use the method of rolling back when using silicone rubber wheel,. (Especially the cleaning of uneven products, such as PCB, so we can extend the service life of the silica gel, and the bracket is not easy deformation and to prevent loosening of the screw.)
2. Cleaning silicone: please wipe with anhydrous alcohol, dry with duster cloth air gun.
3. Please DO NOT CONTACT benzene and ester solvents (such as banana oil, screen washing agent , fehling reagent , ethyl acetate etc.)when in use, once contact, please wipe with anhydrous alcohol immediately and dry with air gun.
4. If viscosity decreased significantly when used about  5000 time, Please note that this phenomenon is caused by wheel contamination and please deal with as follows:
Clean it timely with anhydrous alcohol, and then placed in the oven, bake for 30 minutes at a temperature of 50℃, finally the viscosity will rise., silica gel wheel service life will up to more than 6 million times used in this method, if do not have the condition, pls clean with alcohol  and package well with film and placed for 48 hours, viscosity will also arise.


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