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ESD Plastic Backrest Chair
1. The material being used contains no S, NH + 3, Hg, Pb and other harmful materials, which is harmless to human body.
2. Novel structure, simple and convenient to adjust 
3. Exterior simulated human body modelling design, beautiful shape, comfortable to  sit on. 
4.Modular design,simple assembly, damaged unit can be changed, no need to throw thw whole chair away.
5. Products all made of ESD materials, conform to ESD international standard, will not change with time and environment.

项目 Item                 



A椅面 Seat

椅面 Seat材质 Material


CSPC Brand plastic particles


坐垫尺寸 Cushion Size

宽 Width410 深 Depth350mm


靠背尺寸 Backrest Size

宽 Width380  Height 340mm

B底盘 Chair Chassis

材质 Material

优质冷轧钢板冲压成型 High Quality Cold Rolling Steel Plate Ramming Formation


功能 Function

铁架连接椅面 Chair Chassis

C气杆 Gas Spring

调节行程 Route Adjustment



升降方式 Lift Manner

气动升降 (通过美国BIFMA安全耐久测试认证) Pneumatic Lift (Certified by the American BIFMA Safety Durability Test)


D脚踏 Footstool

材质 Material



表面处理 Surface Treatment



直径 Diameter



E椅脚 Chairfoot

材质 Material

优质冷轧钢板冲压成型 High Quality Cold Rolling Steel Plate Ramming Formation


表面处理 Surface Treatment

表面电镀 Chrome on the surface


直径 Diameter


F脚轮 Castor 

材质 Material

PA尼龙塑胶 PA Nylon Plastic


类型 Type

脚轮或固定脚 Castor or Fixed Ends

K脚架 Pentapod

管型 Cast



尺寸 Size


标配编号 The Standard No.


AS30+B31+CQ14 +E22+F50



脚轮材质 Castor Material

导电纤维+PA尼龙塑胶(2+3组合)Conductive Fiber + PA Nylon Plastic2+3pairs


体积电阻 Vol. of Resistance

104~109欧姆 ohms

Applicable to clean room, dust-free purification workshop and antistatic area


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