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Antistatic Tweezer HOYATO-C-2003 name:Shenzhen Hoyato Protective Supplies Co.,Ltd  

Antistatic Tweezer
Characteristics of tweezer:
1. Choose special stainless steel materials, rust-proof, antimagnetic, acid proof.
2. Tweezers tip:both super hardness and good elasticity, worth far more than the similar tweezers.
3. Apperance: clrear outline, graceful line, flat surface.
4. Usage: good hand feeling, without feeling tired after long time usage.

VETUS tweezers used in electronics, watches and clocks, jewelry, chemicals, laboratory, medicine, high tech, mobile phones, watches, glasses, digital camera, LCD TV, optical pickup, computer, liquid crystal car navigation systems, car audio, air conditioning, electric heating, counter, residential lighting device, lighting machines, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, gas appliances, microwave oven, auto mirror, auto electric part, automobile tail light, car to Qiandeng, TV game machine, printer, communication equipment, copiers, air compressor, electric tools.


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