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ESD TPU Sandals HOYATO-A-2093 name:Shenzhen Hoyato Protective Supplies Co.,Ltd  

ESD TPU Sandals
1.The shoe vamp is made of high quality PU leather material. It is of good anti-static performance, simple and decent style, convenient cleaning and rapid drying. 
2.The shoe sole is made of special material which makes the shoes handy and soft, wear-resisting and hard fold, comfortable and breathable.
3.With superior quality magic tape, the shoes are easy to pop on and off.

Color: Black
Vamp Material: High quality TPU
Shoe Sole Material: High quality TPU
Super quality magic tape
Anti-static Index:106-109Ω
TPU is anti-static,skid resistance,wear resisting.This material is quite environmental and won't raise dust. It is being widely used in the filds like electronics, medical, food and any other filds which need anti-static products.


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