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KM Airlaid Printing Paper
1.Fiber thread and particles are tightly bound in a clean paper through the aggregation process, which can reduce electrostatic generation. We provide a variety of color and size of the purification of printing paper.
2.Application: the purification of paper is dedicated to the clean room in a copy of the record, the design of the application of printing
3.Low incidence: the amount of dust is very low (less than the average paper in the 1/1000)
4. Note: oily, water can be used to send a note. Adapt to a variety of printers.
5. Dimensional stability: temperature, humidity of the size change a little.
Brand: KM
Package description: 250 pages / package
Weight: 72 (g/m2)
Color: white
Properties and advantages: a variety of specifications, a variety of colors, 250 pages / package, good resistance to heat, moisture, surface anti static treatment, etc..
Packing: 250 pages / bag, 10 bags / carton.
Apply to any printer, copy machine.
Name: KM clean printing paper
Color: White, blue, yellow, orange, green, blue, pink
Packing: 250pcs / bag  10 bags / case
KM Airlaid printing paper can decomposition in water, it is circulatory and low ion content.  Good tear resistance ability and smooth surface, good writing effect and printing effect, thickness uniform, low density consistent with the amount of dust and KM dust-free printing paper is dedicated to copy, print (ordinary printing, print format), written records, the process of insertion cardboard purposes in clean room. 


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