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ESD Dust Mop
1, Good  water absorption property and strong detergency , easy to wash, quick drying and durable, lightweight and convenient operation, the wheel bolt can clip the mop head firmly, very convenient to install or remove the mop head from the handle without replacing the handle.
2, super absorbent, strong decontamination, easy cleaning, no hair, no bacteria, do not damage the surface and other characteristics, have changed  original knitting superfine fiber with single style .
3, the concave convex lattice and weaving stripe around the towel weave form into corresponding one, is beautiful and practical.
Mop head: Superfine fiber cloth
Mop: High strength stainless steel / plastic
Packing: Vacuum
The mop handle adopt sophisticated and flexible 360 degree rotating design, the use of lithe and efficient; it covers a large area of the annular mop head, can be washed. Strong decontamination ability; easy to operate. Half open back type, easy to replace. Durable.
Dust mop is the cleaning tool used in electronic clean industrial plant and pharmaceutical GMP clean workshop,it is of unique anti electrostatic function.


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