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ESD Heel Strap
Anti-static heel strap is divided into 2 types:heel strap and toe strap. Heel strap is for man who wear flat shose, toe strap for woman who wear high-heeled shoes.
Working principle:human body can release the static to the conductive floor safely through conductive organized strap via conductive rubber, which is one of the measures that people must take to protect themselves from static.
Effect principle: fast static dissipation, suitable for all kinds of shoes. Durable

Material: synthetic rubber;
Surface resistance: black layer 103-106 ohms; 
conduction band: 106 ohm resistance; adjustable Velcro and conductive webbing. 
Grounding resistance: 106 ohms
Color: Blue / Black
Length: 400-450mm (can be customized according to customer requirements)
Thickness: 1.8±0.1mm color: Blue
Scope of application: making the moving human body connect to the ground which helps to release the body static at any time. When using anti-static hamstring belt,both feet should be worn at the same time, in order to add anti-static hamstring take contact with the ground time, thereby reducing the possibility of human body electrostatic hazard! At the same time, anti-static hamstring belt must be used in the system earthing anti-static floor or on the ground. In some occasions need mobility, conductive shoes or Grounding foot ring as an alternative to grounding wrist band with same function, while grounding feet ring is more economic than conductive shoes.Grounding foot ring without the restriction of grounding wire,people can walk freely in the scope of the conductive pad, is the best choice forthe workshop or warehouse with high mobility . Grounding foot ring needs to cooperate with conducive pad when comes to use. The principle is through the conducting ribbon placed within the socks, static electricity will be produced by the body via the grounding foot ring, conductive pad, a connecting wire discharge to the earth. Therefore, the grounding foot ring on the conductive webbing need indeed in contact with skin. And in order to ensure that the grounding foot ring can keep in contact with the ground pad, the user needs to wear grounding foot ring on both foot to avoid vulnerability of electrostatic protection when walking.


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