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10 Feet Ground Wire
One end of ground wire with plastic button installed directly to the ESD table mat, the other end with banana plug and Crocodile clap can be either inderted to a grounded receptacle or clamp the grounding devices. The wire can release thestaic produce very fast through grounding devices.

Structure: single head buckle grounding wire is mainly composed of star claw buckle, cap, slingshot line, banana plug, alligator clip etc..
PVC or PU slingshot line two material.
Grounding mode:one end of the ground claw buckle is installed directly in the anti static pad, the other end with the banana plug and alligator clip can be inserted into a grounded outlet also
The grounding device can be directly clamped, and the static electricity generated in the grounding device can be quickly put down through the grounding device.
Refers to the standard: electrostatic decay time 0.1sec.
Built-in resistance 106 (1M)
Scope of application: applicable to the anti static pad, floor mats, shelves and other grounding.


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