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Anti Static PU Rope Blue White Gauze Wrist Band HOYATO-C-3014 name:Shenzhen Hoyato Protective Supplies Co.,Ltd  

Anti Static PU Rope Blue White Gauze Wrist Band
Adopt the conductive yarn woven elastic band type
Better electrostatic prevention feature, low dustfall rate, wear easily
Using SELGLARD corona discharge physics principle design, breakthrough space system, free from the limitation of  ground wire.
The static electricity produced by human body through the discharge box, 12μ ultrafine conductive fiber electrostatic discharge is very fast

1:PVC belt: high elastic,anti swing, coil with good flexibility
2:Alligator clips: stainless steel clips
3:Conductive gauze: slender conductive yarn weaving;
Grounding resistance:106Ω
Operating principle: the human body skin contact directly to the conductive material on the wrist strap, when the wrist strap touch the ground,releasing the static generated on the human body rapidly through grounding system.
Electrostatic discharge time: 0.1 seconds.
ESD waistband has obviouseffect on semiconductor, chip, microprocessor and other production lines,Line board production line,Presionn instrument production line,Optical product line,PCB production line,Plastic production line,dust-free plant,purification workshop and individuals wit high static index.


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