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Antistatic bags HOYATO-C-4006 name:Shenzhen Hoyato Protective Supplies Co.,Ltd  

Antistatic bags
1.The electrostatic bag can maximize the  protection to sensitive electronic components such as CMOS IC chips from potential harm.
2.The unique structure can form an inductive cover effect to protect the product in the bag from the electrostatic field.
3.Inside a layer consists of ethylene that can eliminate static electricity,prevent the product from producing static electricity in the bag, effectively protect your product.

Specification:outer size:250*350mm inner size:240*350mm
Thickness:75um; size(length*width) tolerance: about + 2mm or - 2mm
Sideseam: both sides 5mm
Appearance: Translucent silver grey, items can be clearly recognized from the outside the bag, improve the product image.
Structure: APET/CPP (semi metallized polypropylene film / material), smooth, comfortable feel;
Packing: neutral packing, 100 pcs / bag, do not sell by piece
Electrostatic resistance: internal and external surface resistance varies from 108 to 1010
This product is applicable on the humidity and the electrostatic sensitive electronic components packaging, widely used in electronic communication in IT industry, pcba, motherboards, network cards, video cards, monitors, all kinds of hard drives, digital electronics, and other products packing.
Our factory can produce various styles, such as the flat electrostatic bag, self-styled electrostatic bag, envelope adhesive type electrostatic bag, vertical electrostatic bag, coil electrostatic bag style


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