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Anti Static PCB Hanging Basket Cart HOYATO-D-1010 name:Shenzhen Hoyato Protective Supplies Co.,Ltd  

Anti Static PCB Hanging Basket Cart
Properties: can hang 16 or 20 hanging basket. 
Size: 410*285*165mm.
Every hanging basket can store at most 38pcs PCB board, whole cart at most 760pcs PCB board
Surface resistance 104-106Ω, can be customized according to client`s requirement.

Technical parameters of the main frame: 201 stainless steel conductive connection
Hanging basket: conductive PP material
Wheel: 4 "anti static wheel (2 brake universal, 2 universal)
Hanging basket number: 16PCS/20PCS
Hanging basket specifications: L415*W285*H165mm
Groove depth: 5mm, width: 3mm, slot: 6mm
System resistance: 104─108Ω
Number of PCB board can be stored
16 hanging basket (608 PCB board)
20 hanging basket (760 PCB board)
Exterior dimension: L950*W600*H1400mm 
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