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Tray Trolley
The product is portable, because of its ease of use is widely used in factories, warehouses, department stores, logistics center, freight station or delivery of short-range handling, the trolley widely used in production and life because of its low cost, simple maintenance, convenient operation, light weight, can work at the places where motor vehicle is inconvenient to operate, very convinient to transfer light product in short distance.

Anti static tray cart is made of below parts: Wire mesh board with adjustable height , armrest, anti static conductive wheel and conductive chain handrails, handles optional.Four universal castors, two with double brakes, solid rubber tire, tire diameter is 100mm,clean and simple, smooth surface, shock, friction resistance and corrosion resistance.
Widely used in food, medical, chemical and other industries, steel trolley is widely used in industry, warehousing, electronics and other industries, plastics and aluminum cart is generally used for small warehouses, stores, shopping malls and other industries  because of  the  light material, easy to carry,. 


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