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KP5006A Ion Steel Rod
Ion wind rod also named ion rod or static electricty rod.  It is the rod type static elimination equipment, the shape is round or square rod in general, the length of the rod can be customerized. Iod wind rod is a kind of fixed static eliminating device, mainly used to deal with static eliminating and the problem cased by static electricity, such as dust collection, products bonding and electronic products damage and any other problems cased by static electricity. Ion wind rod is mainly uesd in spraying, printing, packaging, electronics, a variety of sheet materials processing, winding processing and other industries. Ion wind rod need be work with power supply
Product features:
* Built-in high air volume tube, neutralize static electricity rapidly.
* Hard aluminum shell, induction type electric safety desig.
* Good ground protection.

Product length:600mm

Product diameter:100mm 

Input Voltage:5.6KV

Current Consuming:210 uA/m

Minimum maximum production length:100mm-3000m

Ambient temperature:0-10℃

Applied range: Hard disk manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, electronic assembly line production and packaging, the LED assembly line, the semiconductor assembly lines, microprocessors, etc.  
Ion wind rod should be used together with KP4002A power supply. Put the end of the connect wiring of ion wind rod to the output jack socket of the power supply,  and then stick the plug into the socket which must be good grounding(Pay attention the service voltage ). Fix the ion wind rod to the appropriate position. 


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