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KP4001B High Voltage Power Supply HOYATO-E-2079 name:Shenzhen Hoyato Protective Supplies Co.,Ltd  

KP4001B High Voltage Power Supply
Product Features:
*Stable working performance and safe.
*Fit for wide range voltage.
*Small volume, easy to install and connect.
*Short circuit defensive function.
*Good grounding protection.


Operating voltage:110/60Hz or 220V/50Hz

Current Consuming:0.23A/0.12A

Operating temperature:0-50℃

High-voltage wire:1.5m

Output voltage:45-110 CFM


Output current:Max 4.5mA

Output current:4.6KV

Kapar KP4001B power supply series can power for one piece static eliminator ( or add a shunt),designed with tandem infrared induction ion wind serpent. It is easy to install the anti-static products and connect with the power supply. Power supply series are specially designed for efficient electrostatic eliminator, have short circuit protection function.  


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