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KP4001A High Voltage Power Supply HOYATO-E-2078 name:Shenzhen Hoyato Protective Supplies Co.,Ltd  

KP4001A High Voltage Power Supply
KP4001A high voltage power supply change the power frequency voltage into the voltage requested via high-tension transformer. Taking into account the security issues, the max output circuit current of all the power supply products should be less than 5mA. The service voltage of the power reply can be 110V or 220V and be changed by a change-over switch.
Product Features:
*Stable working performance and safe.
*Fit for wide range voltage.
*Small volume, easy to install and connect.
*Short circuit defensive function.
*Good grounding protection.


Input Voltage:110v/60HZ or 220v/50HZ

Input current:0.22A—0.11A

Ambient temperature:0-50℃

Output Voltage:4.6KV*2

Output Current:Max 4.5mA

Exterior Size:170 (L) ×100  (W) ×95(H) mm


Length of Power Line:1.8M

Mainly used to power for ion wind nozzle, ion airflow gun, ion wind serpent etc..


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