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KP3005C Connection Ion Wind Serpent
Product features:
Small lightweight body. Fast elimination of static electricity.
Adjustable air valve, can adjust the air volume arbitrary.
The snake tube can be rotated to make the wind nozzle point to the target position, and the ion air flow can be directly blown to the target surface without manual operation.
Input Voltage:4.6kw
Current Consuming:0.35A
Weight: 1.4kg
Length of Hose:33cm
Compressed Air Pressure:50-70psi
Airflow Velocity: 10m/sec
Compressed air flow:
 0.8 S CFM at 10 PSI                                                                                                                       5.5 S
5.5 S CFM at 50 PSI
11.5S CFM at 100 PSI
Discharge Time(5000V-500V):<1.5s
(Ion balance):0V±30V


Mainly apply to mechanical equipment, medical equipment manufacturing packaging, electronics assembly and semiconductor manufacturing, LED manufacturing, etc. 


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