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KP3007B Ion Wind Nozzle
Product Features:
* Neutralizing static electricity rapidly.
* Large cover area of ion air flow. 
*Safety reaction no electric shocking.
*Wide wind adjustment range,the Serpent pipe can regulate wind direction arbitrarily.
*Good grounding protection.

Input Voltage:4.6kv
Current Consuming:350uA
Weight: 0.4kg
Length of high-tension cable:2M
Ambient temperature:0-50℃
Airflow Velocity: 10m/sec
Operting Air Pressure: 40-70 psi
Working Airflow Velocity:10m/sec
Ozone Amount:0.03PPM
Applied range: Hard disk manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, electronic assembly line production and packaging, the LED assembly line, the semiconductor assembly lines, microprocessors, etc. 


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