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KP3003A Colloid Ion Air Gun
KP3003A round head ion wind gun can produce air flow which carrying a lot of positive and negative charge and then neutralize the charges on the surface of the object after blowing out at a high speed by compressed air. It will attract positive charges in the air flow to neutralize the negative charge on the surface of the item so as to achieve the purpose of eliminating static electricity, vise versa. The high speed compressed air can also blow away obstinate dust on the surface of the object.
Product characteristics:
* Neutralizing static electricity rapidly.
* Large cover area of ion air flow. 
*Safety reaction no electric shocking.
*Good grounding protection.

Working Voltage:110V/60HZ or 220V/50HZ  
Output Voltage:4.6KV
Ambient temperature:0-50℃
Weight: 0.4 kg
Length of high-tension cable:3M
Working flow pressure:40-70 psi
Airflow Velocity: 10m/sec
Ozone Amount:0.03PPM
Applied range: Hard disk manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, electronic assembly line production and packaging, the LED assembly line, the semiconductor assembly lines, microprocessors, etc.


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