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KP2002A High Frequency AC Ion Wind Nozzle (Elbow Pipe Type is avaiable) HOYATO-E-2051 name:Shenzhen Hoyato Protective Supplies Co.,Ltd  

KP2002A High Frequency AC Ion Wind Nozzle (Elbow Pipe Type is avaiable)
1, The ultra small high voltage power integrated ion wind nozzle.
2, It can produce high density ion and neutralize and eliminate stattic at express speed.
3, Adopt special alloy discharge pin, ion balance is good.
4, It can penetrate the narrow space to eliminate electrostatic and dust with metal tubes.
5, There is no external voltage and high voltage wiring, safe and convenient.
6, Equpped with power & low voltage indicator and high voltage abnormal indicatior.
7, Different parts can be add to apply to different occasions.
8, It is with good grounding protection.
The Ion wind nozzle is the device which eliminate static and dust through compressing the air, using a small piezoelectric transformer, change the input direct current to low voltage and high frequency alternating current. The discharge needle which made of special alloy materials make the stability of discharge and needle wear resistance surpass the common one, this new discharge metal needle can be replaceable. Ion wind nozzle built-in corona discharge generated ion in addition to electrostatic electrode. Ion wind nozzle is especially suitable for the occasion and environment which can not be approached by hand. 
Suitable for ESD sensitive device assembly, electronic assembly, electronic assembly line, injection molding, machinery and equipment, medical equipment manufacturing and packaging, semiconductor manufacturing, LED manufacturing, etc..   


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