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KP1101A DC Desktop Ion Fan
KP1101A desk type ion fan has the function of eliminating static electricity, which can solve the production problems cased by static electricity, such as dust collection problem, adhesion problems in plastic processing, electrostatic repulsion due to small parts jumping and so on.
Product features:
* Eliminating static electricity rapidly.
* Small size and delicate, easy to handle.
*Continuous air speed adjustment.
*Ion balance indicator light, hot-blast air function is available.
*The ion needle cleaning Brush, equipped with filter device for you to choose.
*Suitable for three kinds of installation ways: desk type, suspension type, stand type.

Input Voltage:110/60Hz、220V/50Hz
Input current:1.3 or 0.62A
Size :1000 (L)mm ×350 (W)mm ×120 (H) mm
Air volume:180~450CFM
Applied range: Hard disk manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, electronic assembly line production and packaging, the LED assembly line, the semiconductor assembly lines, microprocessors, etc.  


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