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ACL Megohm Meter
1. Parallel electrodes, 5 pounds sensor and built-in impedance sensor, measuring impedance, temperature and humidity, accord with standard of ESD, S4.1, S7.1 and S11.11
2.103-1012 ohms/square range,can be used to test performance of various kinds of materials.
3.10 v / 100 v measurement scale, suitable for the standard work surface and ground.
4. Light weight, only 150Z(425g) , portable and conevnient.
5. LCD digital display, easy to use, easy to read.
6. Automatic power off function, prolong the service life of batteries, automatic back to zero, ensure accuracy.
7. Replaceable probe to increase of service life.
8. 9V DC or nickel cadmium rechargeable battery or AC transformer.
Relative Humidity: 10%-90%RH
Temperature:  0℃-37.8℃
High precision-within all the measuring range
Including electrode: two pcs of 5 pound electrode, 2.5 inch RTT, RTG Disc electrode
2 pcs of 3 inch paralleled surface impedance electrode
Liquid Crystal Digital Display
It can measure mat, floor coating, paint, wristbands, uniforms, shoes (shoes), bags and containers.
  Surface resistance tester is designed based on EOS/ESD, CECC, ASTM and UL testing procedures, it is used to measure all conductive, antistatic and impedance on the surface of the electrostatic discharge type or resistance.Easy to use, high quality, high reliability, the instrument can also measure the relative humidity and temperature which affect the electric performance.


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