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FMX-003 Electrostatic Field Tester
SIMCO FMX-003 static tester is a non-contact hand-held static tester, it is the equipment used to test the voltage value of object surface and ion balancing of static eliminator.
The material of the outer shell is anti-static material with good grounding buckle. The measurement result is correct and reliable, display with figures and graph, clear and specific. There’s display light under the dark environment.
With ion balance measuring plate, measurement of the residual voltage static elimination equipment, measurable range + / - 200 - v.
Detection of Gas: Formaldehyde in the air
Detection Range: 0 ~ 10ppm
Detection Time: T90 < 50 seconds
Resolution: 0.01ppm
Detection Methods: Electrochemical
Concentration Unit: ppm
Sampling Method: Pump suction
Memory Function: can store 500 sets of data
Data Download Linterface: USB
Environment Conditions: working environment: 5 ~ 40 degrees C, humidity <90%RH,
Storage Environment: -20 ~ 50 degrees C, <90%RH
Source: lithium ion polymer battery, capacity: 900mAh (>3 hours for continuous use)
Outline Dimensions: 80 (W) * 36 (D) * 150 (H) mm
Weight: about 200g
FMX-003 Electrostatic Field Tester can test the electrostatic charge carried by equipment, working platform, tools in ESD working place.


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