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GT-321Particle Counter
GT-321 consists of built-in laser diode sensor, rechargeable battery pack, sucking pump, microprocessor and panel enter key. GT-321 is of small size and accuracy of measurement, it can take the place of desktop particle counter, which is quite expensive. GT-321 can measure the micron particle size such as 0.5, 1, 2, 5 according to customer’s need, measurement unit is number of particle per c . f .. Sampling time is very short, 6 sec/time, 10 sampling totally and the outcome is the average value of the ten times. The measurement limit of GT-321 is 3,000,000 particles/c.f., it can be used in indoor and outdoor owing to the wide measurement range.
Measuring range: The electric potential measurement 0~±1.49KV(LO) ±1.0KV~±20KV(HI)
Measuring distance:25MM Measuring precision:±10%  Ion balance drift voltage:±200V
The electric field measurement range:+/-20Kv, 2 LED determine the 25mm working distance;
Can equipped with Ion balance measuring plate (+/-200V)
Press ZERO only to reset; Press display only to lock. Automatic shutdown when it is idle; Battery performance display.
Output: Red LCD represent positive charge, blue LCD represent negative charge.
Measuring range: 0~±1.49kv(Low range) ± 1kv-20kv(high range)
Measuring precision: ±10%      Power supply: 9V
Precision: ±0.1kv at low range, ±1kv at high range
Input voltage: 9V,6F22 manganese battery; Electrostatic field can be measured:+/-(0.00-20.0kV) adjustment display automatically.
Standard ranging: 25mm+/-1mm; Measurable ion balance: +/-(0-200V);Measuring distance according to the standard of ESD-STM3.1-2000 lonization
LCD display updating: Positive: RED; Negative: Blue; Audible warning: Idle automatic shutdown/boot/beyond range can be obtained;  Automatic shutdown: idle for about 5 minutes.
Ion degree of balance( pls install ion balance measuring plate in advance) Press IB first, press Zero second and the begin to test.
1. Clean room measurement
2. Indoor and outdoor air quality assessment
3. To seek pollution source of air pipelines and related facilities and check whether it leaks or not.
4. To detect the efficiency of air filter and check whether it leaks or not.
5. To check the efficiency of air purification machine.
6. To check the air quality of all kinds of industrial production places.
7. To check the hospital air quality condition.


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