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Non-cleanroom Laser Airborne Particle Counter
1. Portable functional advantages of random print charging.
2. Sampling and analyze arbitrary six particles tunnels at the same time.
3. Large screen high resolution backlight display, replaceable lithium battery.
4. Timing delayed sampling time and out of limit alarming automaticly
5. USB/RJ45/RS-232 port can be used to down load at a high speed, software upgrading and remote telemetering.
6. External temperature sensor to make the test accuracy.
Test Particle Size: User can set between 0.3 to 5 mu m particle diameter between 0.1 M of the step size and between 5 to 25 mu m diameter according to the size of 1 m between six of the size of the channel to be measured.
Sampling Time: User self setting (1 second to 59 minutes 59 seconds)
Sampling Delay: User self setting (1 sec ~ 59 minutes 59 seconds)
Sampling Frequency: "1 to 99 times or continuous
Alarm Level: 1 ~ 100000 (FED209E standard) or 2 ~ 9 (ISO14464-1 standard)
Test Methods: single / repeat / continuous / time / average
Data Memory Capacity: 1000 groups (sub) or 6000 measurement data
Error Indication: Exceed the maximum count, laser power attenuation, more than the calibration flow (> + 5%), battery power shortage
Interface: USB, RJ45, RS232
Maximum Communication Rate: 12Mbps
Power Source: Rechargeable Li-ion lithium polymer battery (7.4V/2800mAh) or AC adapter (input: AC 100 ~ 240V, output: 9V/1A DC)
Battery Working Time: continuous test time is greater than 6 hours
External Dimensions: 93 (W) * 48 (D) * 185 (H) mm (handheld mainframe) F 152 * 97 (H) mm (base)
Weight: mainframe: about 600 grams (including battery)
Base: about 400 grams
Environment condition
Working Environment 5 ~ 45 degrees C, < 90%RH
Storage Environment: -20 ~ 60 degrees C, < 90%RH
Standard Accessories: AC adapter, such as power sampling head, portable protection box, application Software installation CD-ROM (including the use of manual)
Optional Accessories: external temperature and humidity sensors, tripod, serial print data line.
1. Ultra clean environment detection.
2. Indoor and outdoor environment detection.
3. Filter efficiency analysis and testing.
4. Check the source of pollution analysis.
5. Particle size distribution analysis.
6.Environmental cleanliness grade determination.  


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