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A FREAK fire has destroyed the carport and the back of a Rangeville home after a jolt of static electricity caused a petrol can to explode in flames.
The Drummond St owner was mixing oil into petrol to fuel his leaf blower when the container ignited about 11.40am Saturday, all because he made one common but near-fatal mistake.
The five-litre tank - containing $7.46 worth of fuel at 149.3c a litre - has caused unmeasured damage to the family's home.
The mistake that almost cost lives centred on the location of the can.
It was placed up on a workbench when a spark of static electricity set the rising gas on fire.
If it were on the ground, it would have been properly earthed and the explosion would not have occurred.
The man managed to fling the burning can into the back yard without burning himself, but the damage to the home had already occurred.
His family quickly evacuated after he ran inside.
Firefighters raced to the scene and managed to extinguish the fire before more of the house was engulfed.
The family's near-disaster serves as a warning to Toowoomba residents - always put fuel cans on the ground when filling them.
The combination of fuel vapour and static electricity is an explosion waiting to happen.



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