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ESD Fabric
1. The fabric applies specialized PFY and interweaves conductive fiber vertically and horizontally.
2. This kind of ESD fabric not only has excellent anti-static performance, but also can prevent the fabric from shedding and the effusion of fine dust particles from the fabric cracks.
3. The fabric is high temperature resistance and laundering durability, it has the features of free from environmental impact and stable in chemical properties etc.

Conductive fiber: Striated, Spacing 10mm 5mm
Grid-based: Spacing 5mm, 2.5mm etc.
Parameter:Surface Resistance 10^6Ω-10^9Ω
Fabric breadth: 1.5m.
The ESD Fabric can be made into anti-static clothing, anti-static masks, anti-static gloves, anti-static shoes or shoe covers etc.. Applied in the industries such as medical, pharmaceutical, food, precision instruments, aerospace etc. the industry which is sensitive and require high cleanness.


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