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ESD Clean Room Shoes
1.Light & soft, comfortable & convenient.
2.Easy cleaning, rapid drying.
3.The white shoe sole is very clean and will leave no trace on the floor.
4.The shoes have very good perfermance of acid-resisting,alkali-resisting,oil-resisting. They are also of perfect advantages of durable, ati-skid, anti-static etc.

Color: Dark blue/Sky-blue/White
Size: From size 35 to 45.Size 40# and 50# are avaiable.
Vamp Material: Blue canvas, sky-blue canvas, white canvas and anti-static canvas for you to choose.
Anti-static index: Resistance of shoe sole: 106-109Ω
Apply to electronic and semiconductor factory assembly and inspection area.
The ESD shoes apply to any anti-static places, dust-free workshop and cleanroom refer to Biology, Medicine, Food, Optical etc. 
The theory is leading the electrostatic charge from human body to the earth via wearing EDS cloth or using ESD ground mat or carpet so as to eliminate the charge in the human body.
Product attributes:
1.ESD shoes are the protective shoes which can wipe the static gathered in human body and also can prevent electric shock under 250V.
2.Wearing insulating wollens thick socks and insulating insole is prohibitive when you wear the ESD shoes at the same time, it is also forbidden to regard the ESD shoes as insulating shoes.
3.The ground should be anti-static in the place where you wear the ESD shoes, the ground should be conductive in the place where you wear conductive shoes.
4.The ESD shoes should be matched with ESD clothes, pay attention to the clean, water-proof, moisture-proof thing of the ESD shoes. 



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