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ESD Straight Grid Fabric Boots HOYATO-A-2108 name:Shenzhen Hoyato Protective Supplies Co.,Ltd  

ESD Straight Grid Fabric Boots
1.Light,soft,comfortable and convinient
2.Easy to be cleaned and drying fast
3.White sole, will not leave marks on the ground
4.Suitable for electronic and semiconductor assembly and inspection area
5. Anti-static shoes can effectively eliminate harm generated by electrostatic to human body

Vamp material: mesh fabric+straight grid cylinder
Sole material: SPU/PVC
Applicable to electronic, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, food, optical and other clean room or anti-static places, clean room workshop, etc.
1.Anti-static shoes is a kind of  protective footwear that can eliminate the human body electrostatic accumulation, but also can prevent the 250V electric shock.
2.Should not wear isolating thick woolen socks and isolating insoles when wears ESD boots,prohibit using antistatic boots as isolating shose.
3.Places where suitable for using antistatic boots must be with antistatic ground; Conductive shose for conductive ground.
4.Anti - static shoes should be matched with anti - static clothing, we must pay attention to the cleanness of the products, prevent the products from water and wet.
Wearing anti-static shose is the most effective and reliable method to release the static on the human body. It can also suppress the dust on the human body in the cleanroom, is the excellent choice for Electronics, semiconductor maker and clean room. 


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