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Disposable PVC Glove HOYATO-A-3011 name:Shenzhen Hoyato Protective Supplies Co.,Ltd  

Disposable PVC Glove
1. Good chemical protective performance, acid resistance, alkali resistance and oil resistance.
2. Good airtightness, prevent sending forth dust effectively.
3. Silicon-free, good anti-static performance, can meet the production needs of electron industry.
4. Comfortable, long time wear will not cause skin tight and is good for blood circulation
5. Non-toxic, tasteless, does not contain amino compounds and other harmful substances, allergic seldom happen.
6. Low chemical residues, low ion content, low particle content, suitable for strict dust free environment.

Package: carton     100pcs/ctn
Specification: XS, S, M, L 
Widely used in dentist,dish washing,doing chores, hairdressing etc.


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