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Copper Fiber PU Coated Glove HOYATO-A-6005A name:Shenzhen Hoyato Protective Supplies Co.,Ltd  

Copper Fiber PU Coated Glove
Copper anti-static yarn seamless knitting, fingertip coated with white polyurethane,surface resistivity is 1×12,copper core fiber nylon gloves, knitted cuffs, high elastic force;The glove core contains copper conductive fiber, flexible fingers, good abrasion resistance, anti permeability;

Material: Nylon yarn, copper conductive fiber, the outer layer of PU rubber, nylon gloves copper fiber core, knitted cuffs, glove core containing copper conductive fiber.
Anti-static Index:103Ω
Applied in precision instrument assembly, product inspection, assembly of electronic products, PCB board manufacturing, semiconductor automotive electronics, electronic instrument workshop etc..


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