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Blue Nitrile Gloves
1. It is made of durable nitrile butadiene compounds, do not contain latex, acid resistance, oil resistance, more fit the shape of the hand, reduce hand fatigue, non-toxic, harmless, tasteless, no allergy, no stimulation, suitable for long wear.
2. Adopted electrostatic technology, it has good anti-static effect, and is easy to contact with static sensitive components, prevent the damage caused by electrostatic, suitable for physics experiment, electronics manufacturing and other industries.
3. Good flexibility, strong durability, break and comfortable, it is not easy to fatigue even wear for a long time.

Specification: 100pcs/ctn
Widely used in food processing, kitchen, home cleaning, beauty salon, spa skin care, medical care, horticulture, printing ink, the workshop of the factory, electronics factory, the laboratory and so on, it can protect and safegard your hands effectively.


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