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ESD PU Coated Gloves
PU coated gloves also called examination gloves, is a layer of PU in clean gloves knitted nylon coated parts, adding antiskid performance and insulation performance,it is indispensable products for precision electronic production line.
Product Features:1.Light weight,good air permeability, comfortable, anti-skid, wear resistance.2. Excellent antistatic properties, laundering durability.

Material: The back of the hand is Nylon, the palm part is coating.
Specification: 12/dozen
Size: Free size, about 22cm
Color: White
Applied in the workplaces where fingertips are used such as weak current, precision instrument assembly, product inspection, checking engineering such as electronic products, various research organizations. The application of our product can prevent the electronic components from damaging and aging owing to static electricity, the industries such as electronic, instrument etc.. It can avoid burning or exploding cased by static electricity in petroleum industry.It is made of ESD fabric or ESD clothing and used for the environment where anti-static is necessary or purified gloves operation is needed.


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