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ESD Blue Two-sided Striated Gloves HOYATO-A-6014 name:Shenzhen Hoyato Protective Supplies Co.,Ltd  

ESD Blue Two-sided Striated Gloves
1. Made from 5MM or 10MM vertical bar or mesh TC cotton.
2. Dust prevention.
3. The part of the palm and the back of the hand is made of ESD fabric, it is of good anti-static performance, which can prevent the damage caused by human static electricity.
4. Preventing soft flocks falling down.
5. Sweatproof function, comfortable and breathable.

Material: 100% non thread residue+ 5mm blue straited carbon fiber conductive silk.
Color: Blue
Specification: 10pairs/package
Surface Resistance:105-107Ω
Static Decay Time<0.1sec
Applied in the workplaces where fingertips are used such as weak current, precision instrument assembly, product inspection, checking engineering such as electronic products, various research organizations. The application of our product can prevent the electronic components from damaging and aging owing to static electricity, the industries such as electronic, instrument etc.. It can avoid burning or exploding cased by static electricity in petroleum industry.It is made of ESD fabric or ESD clothing and used for the environment where anti-static is necessary or purified gloves operation is needed.


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